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Whether it is Business Development, Organisation Development or Personal Development - based on years of my own experience, it is always about relationships, and about understanding and evolving the quality of those relationships.

That is why my core theme and purpose is positive, meaningful, sustainable evolution and transformation within a web of relationships - to oneself as private individual and professional persona; to family and friends as well as to superiors, colleagues and direct reports; and in an outer circle to the other stakeholders and the communities in which we live and work. 

Motivated by that purpose, I worked as a Corporate Responsibility Manager with global reach for years, and after that, also internationally, as a change consultant and coach, facilitator and leadership trainer

For the time being, I am working exclusively on a research and book project on the topic of 'burnout and work health' - as more and more people wear themselves out faster and faster, it is in itself a theme of deep inner and outer change processes.

In the meantime, of course, feel free to get in touch with me as you usually would.

I am also active on Twitter and my blog on an ongoing basis.

My current pro bono commitment is in network expansion and fundraising for buddY E.V. - Forum New Learning Culture, a highly competent German social profit enterprise for innovative education in the 21st century, founded and headed by an Ashoka Fellow, that implements a cause close to my heart, based on my core theme mentioned above: equipping young people early and in good balance with emotional and social, cognitive and digital competencies.

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Saturday, 24. October 2015
(Dear Readers, for once a blog post in German, as this concerns particularly German society:) ‚Uniabschlüsse braucht kein Mensch – laut Ernst & Young sagt der Studienabschluss nichts über...
Monday, 22. June 2015
Please forgive me for, for once, not dedicating a blog post to Corporate Responsibility, consulting, coaching, or leadership training – but instead to a topic that has affected me personally. In...

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