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With me, you can work on development, transformation and growth – for individuals, teams and organizations.


I am a facilitator for change in organizations, support team development and offer coaching for individuals.


Working in partnership is as much a topic between organizations as between teams and departments within an organization. Based on years of experience, I offer facilitation and also mediation for both areas. 

Responsibility and Sustainability

Responsibility and Sustainability are yet another big change topic in organizations. This is my original area of experience. I continue to offer consulting and training on the complex field of CR and Sustainability in general, and also more specifically on Community Involvement and Employee Involvement.

Working together

A good relationship and mutuality are important to me – we will work together as partners, and I will support you in finding, developing and implementing your own solutions.


My qualifications:

  • many years of consulting, coaching and leadership training for companies like E.ON, Daimler, Microsoft, SAP, ThyssenKrupp and non-profit organisations like International Business Leaders Forum, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Plan International
  • many years of global corporate management and leadership experience at Nokia
  • MSc Organisation Consulting (Ashridge)
  • Ashridge-trained coach
  • Ashridge Associate (2011/12)
  • trained facilitator for Action Learning and Audio Action Learning
  • accredited facilitator for Myers Briggs Type Indicator I and II as well as FIRO-B (OPP/The Myers Briggs Company)
  • published author
  • lead facilitator of the Community Involvement Leadership Academy at Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (2010/11) http://blogs.bcccc.net/2010/07/community-involvement-leadership-academy-added-to-center%E2%80%99s-educational-programs-latest-catalog-released/
On personal, organisational and societal  transformation

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Wednesday, 21. August 2019
My then-client Nick Lakin and I wrote and published our Book ‘Corporate Community Involvement – The Definitive Guide’ for Greenleaf and Stanford University Press in 2009/2010. The final...
Wednesday, 17. April 2019
For once, I’d like to link to somebody else’s blog post: To a lovely rant by an introverted scientist in an extraversion-oriented culture, where mainly ‘Americans and Dutch’...

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