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Whether it is Business Development, Organisation Development or Personal Development - based on years of my own experience, transformation consulting is always about communication and relationships, and about understanding and evolving the quality of those. So essentially, it is all about the emotional and social competencies of each of us.

That is why my core theme and purpose is transformational evolution (which is always a process) within a web of relationships that can be looked at in concentric circles:

The outer circle for organisations consists of customers, business partners, investors and all the other stakeholders, including the communities in which we live and work as well as nature/the environment and future generations.

The middle circle consists of superiors, colleagues and direct reports.

The inner circle for any leader who would like to consciously keep evolving is her- or himself, not only as 'professional persona', but also as 'private self' - with own views and values, causes and concerns, with 'old conditioning' and new learning.

Motivated by my transformational purpose, during the early 2000s, I worked as a Corporate Responsibility Manager with global reach for several years, and after that, also internationally, as a change consultant and coach, facilitator and leadership trainer

Since 2012 I have been physically impaired, which obliged me to shift to local part-time work. Partially pro bono, I currently work in network expansion and fundraising for Education Y. This is a highly competent German social profit enterprise for innovative education in the 21st century. It has been built up and headed by an Ashoka Fellow, and it implements a cause that, based on my core theme mentioned above, is close to my heart: equipping young people early and in good balance with emotional and social, cognitive and digital competencies so important for actively co-creating both their personal and their professional lives in the 21st century with its complex challenges. At Education Y, I myself keep learning about this important topic in new ways!

Have a look at this short film (partially in German) on the topic of 21st century learning for children and youth?

Of course, I will be most happy if you still want to get in touch with me, and together we can look into how my network or I myself can support you.  

I am also still occasionally active on Twitter and my blog.

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