Telephone/ Video Coaching

Many people’s lives could be improved with coaching, enabling them to cope with the challenges and demands of their lives.

However, although coaching commonly takes place on the telephone, there is some apprehension by some people who would like to see the person they are talking to.

At the same time, you may find that arranging face to face meetings at a convenient time and place for both of you is challenging, time consuming and inconvenient.

With telephone coaching, you will be able to select a coach located almost anywhere, so you can focus on how well the coach meets your ideal requirements, without geographical limitations.

Telephone coaching is much less costly and time-consuming. You will not have to pay for the travel expenses for your coach or yourself, and you will not waste your valuable time traveling.

Telephone coaching is very convenient and relaxing. You will be able to conduct your coaching sessions from any location you wish. You will be able to select a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during coaching sessions.

For the best telephone coaching, a few practicalities can aid a good experience:

You may want to choose to telephone with a headset, to avoid a stiff neck from keeping a phone tucked under your chin while trying to listen and write notes.

You may want to find a quiet and private place – both for your own reflective concentration, and to assure confidentiality.

Your coach will listen, ask open questions, prompt you for more information or challenge you. As a coachee, you can feel confident to speak your truth to the coach who will be non-judgmental.

The coaching session will be a safe space to talk, will be fully confidential, and it will start and finish on time.

Usually telephone coaching takes place after an initial personal encounter.