Corporate Community Involvement: Co-creating impactful partnerships

Corporate Community Involvement is about active community partnership projects between your company and/or governments and/or NGOs in the countries/regions/communities where you operate.

These are partnerships aimed at co-created solutions, to which the company contributes funding, project management, corporate core competencies, and Employee Involvement. 

In such partnerships, you aim for societal impact. You can then leverage the results of your efforts in stakeholder communications or Marketing to also achieve business benefits – e.g. an improved reputation or increased sales.

Helping you succeed

The following are the key elements you will need for your project to become the truly inspiring, industry-changing, society-shaping one you hope to create: 

You need:

– a strategy

– budget and staff for your program

– a partnership across sectors

– Employee Involvement 

– measurement, evaluation and reporting on activities and impact

– internal and external Communications about your programs

– influencing and persuasion within your organization

Based on years of own experience in managing a global program, I can help and guide you through all of the above. Also see my new, practical handbook on Corporate Community Involvement on the right.

Done right, an impactful corporate Community Involvement program can be the core of your company’s ‘personality’ in the community, shaping the corporate image of the organization and enhancing both the company’s and the brand’s reputation

If your company has a framework for overall Social Performance Management, creating and implementing a leading Community Involvement program is part of excellent social performance.