My offer: Effective facilitation

As a facilitator, I help your group in a workshop work openly and cooperatively, creatively and effectively. 

Providing a ‘safe frame’ for group exchanges to happen, I aim to create a structure within which issues important to the group can be talked about freely, and creativity and new solutions can emerge. 

We will design your workshop agenda together, integrating your and your group’s specific needs and objectives

Together, we will also pay attention to having a good ‘check-in’ and good initial ‘contracting’ for the day or the workshop with each other, and I will then attend to following good process throughout the day(s), as well as to having a reflective ending after agreeing concrete action points towards the end of the day or the workshop.

Often I work without tables, as furniture can sometimes be a barrier to freeflowing exchange. In my understanding, this allows for better exchange as well as for easier moving around for group exercises and smaller breakout groups.

Also the agenda is ‘alive’ – meaning, I am comfortable with it being changed, even during the workshop itself, if meaningful because of what emerges among the group.

With larger groups, I like to work together with (a) colleague(s) from within my consulting network. This way, you can be sure that your group receives optimal and rich support.

In my attitude, what you see is what you get – I have no hidden agenda, fully bring myself, am open to every participant and all thoughts, and do not take sides – I am there for everybody in the room.