– Daimler

– E.ON

– Microsoft


– Skoda

– Skype

– ThyssenKrupp

– Wacom

– German National Association of Cooperative Banks

Non-Profit Organizations:

– International Business Leaders Forum

– Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

– Center for Corporate Citizenship Germany

– Plan International

– Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

– Leuchtpol gGmbH, Germany

– Education Y, Germany

– START Foundation, Germany

Education Institutions:

– International School of Communication, London & Dubai

– University of Aberdeen


– Procom (Finnish Public Relations Association)

Testimonials on:


“Veronica is a pleasure to work with. As a consultant, she effectively balances the supporting and facilitating roles with creative input and challenging you to get the best result possible. Through her Myers Briggs and Partnering expertise, she has an excellent understanding of individual motivations and group dynamics, handy for working your way around any corporation.”

Nick Lakin, VP Marketplace & Community, E.ON


“Thanks to Veronica’s coaching, I have a new appreciation for how to develop and build strong, positive relationships in work and in life. I do a lot more listening and take the time to ask thoughtful questions. Veronica’s advice has helped me in all kinds of situations. I find myself experiencing a new sense of calm, confidence and poise.” 

Kathleen Ryan Mufson
Director, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy
President, Pitney Bowes Foundation
Pitney Bowes

Myers Briggs Type Indicator:

“Through determining my individual type according to Myers Briggs with Veronica Scheubel, I learned a lot for myself. It was not completely new to me that I have certain preferences. My new learning was that I need an area of work that fits my type, as otherwise I would constantly work against my nature – and that requires a lot of strength. In my new position, I am in an environment that suits me, my work flows more easily, and I am comfortable. Here my strengths are asked for and needed. I am grateful to Veronica that I had the opportunity to learn this with her.  She gave me an important and crucial impulse.” 

Stefanie Hildebrandt, Executive, Oxfam Germany

“I have led many organisational transformations, and I always come back to Veronica to help me with the process, specifically around having the leaders of my units understand each other better, and ultimately work better together. Veronica’s MBTI workshop is excellent, my leaders are still talking about it, and the insights they gained about themselves and their peers. I have tried others, but always come back to Veronica as she has such a depth of knowledge, makes attendees feel comfortable, and just gets the best out of people. If you are turning around, or transforming an organisation, get Veronica involved, and have her do an MBTI workshop with your team….. well worth the time and effort!

Davy Rowland, Senior Vice President Cloud Infrastructure, SAP


“Veronica Scheubel has worked for several years as an Associate of The Partnering Initiatie (International Business Leaders Forum) on a variety of programs, including as a trainer on cross-sector partnering workshops. Veronica is a highly experienced and accomplished facilitator, effortlessly combining the conveyance of her deep knowledge of the subject with an interactive approach to draw out the experiences of the participants and facilitate peer-to-peer exchange.

Veronica has studied in depth a wide range of personal and organizational development systems and techniques and uses her knowledge of the various fields to good advantage. She is a strongly motivated and highly values-driven individual with whom it is a pleasure to work.”

Darian Stibbe, Director, The Partnering Initiative, International Business Leaders Forum

“As a facilitator in processes, Veronica provides a balanced mix of bringing in new impulses when necessary, enhancing group dynamics, showing empathy but being consistent and tough enough when it is about getting through to the targets – and still being pleasant and easy to work with. A great help to bring a ship to the haven even in troubled waters.”

Ildiko Kovacs, VP Brand, E.ON  

Cross-sector partnership:

“Veronica was my primary Nokia contact when we started bringing the partnership between Nokia and IYF to life. “Make a Connection” was a multimillion dollar, multi-year youth development program that we started in 2000 in four countries and expanded over the years to more than 20. Initially the representative of a donor/client, Veronica became over time a trusted partner, and her professionalism and respect for the nonprofit and youth development expertise of IYF and IYF partners animated and permeated the multiple country relationships we helped develop. Professionalism, thoughtfulness, expertise, tremendous soft skills and more – Veronica had it all to make this partnership work. I congratulate everybody who gets to work with her.”

Michael Strübin , Program Manager , International Youth Foundation