Sind Sie noch eine Gruppe – oder schon ein Team?

Auf dem Weg dahin gemeinsam Lernen und Spaß haben

Are you a team yet?

If you want to go quick, go alone, if you want to go far, go together (African proverb)

A team is a goal-oriented community that interacts in a collaborative manner and collectively takes on responsibility. Ideally, a team has a strong team spirit and sticks together. You best achieve team goals through mutual support.

A group progresses through different stages of development towards becoming a team – and it is normal for this process to sometimes be difficult, challenging, or even ‘stormy’. Finding your way of working and being with each other is not always easy. Ideally, it is based on familiarity, mutual respect and trust.

For an ‘optimized’ team, it is important to pay attention to team members’ diverse qualities and qualifications. At the same time, this very diversity and ‘being different’ sometimes leads to misunderstandings. Then it can be helpful to get to know and understand yourself and your team members better: different personalities bring in different strengths, and at the same time have different needs

Trust ist generated best from each of us having a sense that the other person always has our own best interest in mind as well.

I work with:

– Understanding Myers Briggs personality types

– Understanding interpersonal needs based on FIRO-B

– How you see yourself and how others perceive you

Team values

– individual feedback exercises and facilitated group conversations 

Team games, also towards building trust

As a facilitator for Myers Briggs and FIRO-B, I am accredited by OPP/The Myers Briggs Company in Oxford.