Real Time Coaching

Simple, powerful and time-efficient personal leadership development

‘Traditional’ coaching can be time-intensive, taking place outside the workplace and away from those people and relationships that surround a leader. Real time coaching happens in the presence of those people and during those situations that you as a leader work with.

In real time coaching, as your coach I will ‘shadow’ you for a few hours, without intervening – only observing and noticing, while you go about your work as you’re used to it. I will shadow you while you are involved in a variety of activities, e.g. running a number of meetings during a day or half day.

This way, as your coach, I will be able to observe you in different roles, and will gather in a short period of time a lot of relevant information that might take months to surface in regular coaching

Following the shadowing, you and I will reflect jointly on your way of working and interacting: How do you lead in real time? What is your style, what are your patterns (language, body language, behavior)? What did you want to achieve? Do you impact superiors, colleagues and the people who report to you in the way you would like to? What works well, what are your strengths? What could you have done differently? Which are possible development areas for you – what would help to get better results?

Based on this feedback, your leadership behavior will evolve in real time, and as your coach, I can also propose exercises and experiments.

What does it take to engage in real time coaching?

First of all it takes your courage and openness, to let people around you know that you are receiving coaching for your own development. And then it takes your courage to engage in this real time process together with me.

The feedback you receive from me is entirely confidential – as your coach, I will definitely not share it with anybody else.