Engaging your employees

Employee Involvement is an integral part of your overall Community Involvement strategy.

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Your Community Involvement will not be complete without it: Your company is made up of people, and it is the personal involvement of these people in the communities where they work and live that brings your business’ approach to its communities to life.

Employee Involvement is a ‘triple win’ for employees, communities, and the company.  It provides communities with much-needed help, motivates employees in their day-to-day work and increases corporate image and reputation. It can also be activated as a strategic HR tool. 

My approach to help you succeed

I can help you understand what Employee Involvement is all about and how you can make the business case for it, and I can then work with you to take a structured five-step activation process towards designing and implementing your own Employee Involvement initiative.

Also see our handbook

In our handbook on Corporate Community Involvement (which you can click on the right to read a synopsis or order), Chapter 8 is all about implementing Employee Involvement.