Training on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

What do your stakeholders expect of you and your company? 

I offer you compact, one-day trainings in small groups, in English, French or German – held in your company or at a central location in your country.

Topics are:

  • Why Corporate Responsibility? An understanding of ‘organisational ecology’ and sustainability thinking from a management perspective, including the business case
  • An understanding of the wide field of Corporate Responsibility according to the principle of ‘triple bottom line’ thinking
  • An explanation of the different areas of impact grouped under financial, environmental, and social responsibility
  • Segmented understanding: Who are your stakeholders?
  • Typical news headlines from the CR field – How your reputation can go wrong if you don’t get CR right
  • Reflection on current ‘hot topics’ and affected areas in your own organisations, according to the triple bottom line approach:
    • Which areas pose the highest risk if they are not properly addressed?
    • Which areas would currently need to be addressed as priorities?
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Who is in charge of the different areas of CR?
  • Do you have a Code of Conduct?
  • Integrating Corporate Responsibility thinking into corporate culture: A collaborative change project
    • Collaboration with Top Management, Internal Communications and HR
  • Reporting on Corporate Responsibility (incl. Global Reporting Initiative): Finding the balance between mitigating risk and leveraging opportunity
  • Special focus: Key Causes in Emerging Markets
  • Case Studies on Stakeholder Engagement
  • “Good news don’t sell”: How to communicate CR

Voices on the trainings:

“Well presented, accessible, excellent trainer. It was easy to understand and relevant input.” Katharina Selinger

“Very interesting, applicable, practical, good case studies and overall very inspirational.” Heike Cosse

“I now feel I have a grasp of the concept of CR that goes well beyond the preconceived notions I arrived with.” Dominique Schaub